Mentor Recruitment at City Hall


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I have seen the effects of what growing up without a positive role model does to a child, both personally amongst family members, as well as children that I have mentored my self. Male or female having a positive adult to mentor youth provides a extra layer guidance for a child, in keeping with the “it takes a village” concept. According to, there are 46 million children between the age of 8 and 18 living in the United States. It is also reported that 16 million are growing up without a mentor. In contrast there are approximately 3 million adults who are involved with mentoring each year. With the spike in stolen cars and other crimes committed by youth, the importance is undeniable, in our city. To answer the call the City of Milwaukee decided to hold mentor recruitment fair.

On Wednesday March 6thCity Hall paid host as the site of the first mentor recruitment fair. The city of Milwaukee implemented the event to highlight some of the biggest mentoring organizations in the city. We Got This was apart of the fair, an organization that allowed youth to garden throughout the summer for a 20 dollar payment and a safe place.  Running Rebels was also a part of the fair, very busy day them in the community they were also hosting a fish fry the same day from 5pm to 7.

The fair helped to educate and match a multitude of youth are attended, it was a successful first event I am looking forward to another one as the summer approaches.

by Joshua Thomas