“King Kong Ain’t Got Nothing on Meeee!”


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By: Roy Douglas Malonson, Publisher

I’m reminded of “Alonzo” the character played by Denzel Washingtonin the movie, “Training Day”. Alonzo was a cold-hearted, calculated Detective who knew how to play both sides against the middle. His arrogance and conceited personality demanded the respect and attention of criminals and officials, insomuch, he felt he was untouchable. Much like the present Commander-in-Chief.

            I must admit, these days there aren’t too many things Donald Trump can do or say to amaze me. Which is why his latest act of selfishness and incosideracy did not stun me in the least bit. It is one thing to be disrespected amongst those who do not look like you, but, most people have a certain level of expectation of receiving respect from those who are apart of the same race and culture. Yet, one thing we know about the current president; if he has a dislike against a certain individual or entity, he doesn’t care about skin tone or empathy.

            Trump’s character traits suggests, “This MY White House and I do what the hell I want to; it’s MY flag and I raise or lower it as I see fit; America is MY domain and I deal how I wanna. Yeah, I’m ruthless, inhumane and cut-throat and if you don’t like it – leave my nation and stay tuned to Twitter if you really wanna know how I feel about ya!”

            So, in Trump’s latest incident of blatant disrespect, we find the late Senator John McCainat the forefront. After McCain passed away, the flags were lowered to half-staff at the White House. However, they were immediately raised back to full staff within a couple of days. Apparently, Trump allotted for the minimum time period in accordance with the law in respect to a member of Congress’ passing. Once word hit the streets that the flags were back at full staff, the White House was bombarded with calls, petitions and requests of respect for the bereavement of the late Senator.

            The American Legion’s, Denise Rohan issued a statement in regards to the president’s decision. In doing so, she recalled Trump lowering the flags in the deaths of former First Lady Barbara Bushand Rev. Billy Graham. She hailed McCain as, “an American hero”. She further noted the following. “On behalf of The American Legion’s two million wartime veterans, I strongly urge you to make an appropriate presidential proclamation noting Senator McCain’s death and legacy of service to our nation, and that our nation’s flag be half-staffed through his interment.”

            I’m not sure which request person or organization’s request weighed in the most heavy on Trump; but, by the same evening of the day that he chose to raise the flags, he lowered them back down. Despite his ultimate gesture, I believe he will be remembered by his initial command. It is no secret to anyone who keeps up with the news, that Trump and McCain have never been best friends. But, choosing to throw your wait around during a mourning period for the American people is not the time to carry out petty grievances.

            Previously, Trump had already made his discontent for McCain known, when he disregarded him as a war hero, because he was captured. Even when McCain was fighting for his life, Trump was still poking fun and criticizing him, as if he hadn’t done enough already. From past experiences, America can conclude that the term, “Hypocrite”does not even come close to describing Trump insensitive ways and demeanor.

            Before millions, he criticized Colin Kaepernick and the African-American population of the National Football League (NFL) for taking a knee in unison in support of the #BlackLivesMatter movemement. Instead of acknowledging their stance for help for a people who are becoming extinct in the name of, “serving and protecting”; he choose to label their peaceful demonstration as an act of treason of some sort. While overlooking the seriously deeply-rooted issue which exists, he charged each of the “sons of b!tc#es” as being unpatriotic and disrespecting the American flag. But, nearly a year later, America is seeing how much love, adoration and respect he has for a man who was literally willing to lay down his life for his country. Not to mention a man who has served in public office for years, as well.

            While on the subject, I think it is important for our readers to understand there were no certain policies or procedures in place prior to March 1, 1954. It was on this day that former President Dwight Eisenhower declared a proclamation which spelled out the guidelines for lowering the flag in respect to mourning. According to the United States Department of Veteran Affairs, the following statements are acceptable instances in times of lowering the flag.An easy way to remember when to fly the United States flag at half-staff is to consider when the whole nation is in mourning. These periods of mourning are proclaimed either by the president of the United States, for national remembrance, or the governor of a state or territory, for local remembrance, in the event of a death of a member or former member of the federal, state or territorial governmentor judiciary.”

            Of couse, the department lists other appropriate instances in which the flag may be lowered or flown at half-staff. Hence, I believe if anybody lived an American life who was worthy of being respected by the flag in death, certainly John McCain did. I believe in giving respect and honor to where it is due. And as far as I’m concerned John McCain really lived a life, planted seeds and personally made a genuine impression on me, just by being himself. I have to respect a man who has the ability to see past a person’s Color and acknowledge the true content of their character. America is a witness to this factor, courtesy of the mainstream media who broadcasted McCain as he stood up for righteousness during a time that he could have capitalized off of his position as a presidential candidate against his opponent, President Barack Obama. So as far as I’m concerned, John McCain was a decent man and a great American.