It’s the meat that matters at Fogo de Chao


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During the holidays at Fogo de Chão, guests can also enjoy a new, premium Vegas Cut New York Strip. The indulgent, limited time steak is aged over 21 days for more flavor and decadent texture. (Courtesy photo)

By Ruth Ferguson, NDG Editor

If you need a break from Christmas shopping and looking for a place to feed a hungry crowd, Fogo de Chao is a perfect choice. Not only is the restaurant elegant and the service excellent, the food is even better. This is a great option for smaller holiday celebrations with friends and family.

At first blush, you might think the Brazilian steakhouse, is not for vegetable lovers, but you would be very much mistaken. In fact, as much as I loved the various meat entrees, the Market Table offering a wide range of salads, fruit, soup and cheeses are worthy of a visit by itself. I will also add if I could swipe a bowl of their creamy mashed potatoes and stuff it in my bag I would.

But who are we kidding, when you visit Fogo, it is all about the meat, and you have plenty of tasty options from which to choose. In case you have not visited, a Brazillian style restaurant, or churrasco, refers to meats roasted typically on skewers or spits, the servers walk around and if you have your green card visible, they will stop and offer a slice of delicious meat. The attentive servers will offer a description and provide a generous slice. If you find you want more of a different item, no worries, they will be back until you turn over the card to display the red side.

While my favorite item was the sliced pork, the filet mignon and rib-eye were delicious as well. One thing you will never accuse Fogo of is having bland meats, it is well seasoned before roasted so it an explosion of flavor with each bite. And oh did I mention the mashed potatoes? I did, well they are that good. Also, if you think you do not like butternut squash, their soup will change your mind.

For the holiday season, they have two new menu items of interest Vegas Cut New York Strip and a Cowboy Bone-in Ribeye, both are for a limited time only. Also, two seasonal salads are the Winter Citrus Salad with ruby red grapefruit, oranges, tangerines and blood oranges with fresh mint; and Roasted Butternut Squash and Cranberry. The squash is roasted with cinnamon with roasted cranberries, honey and feta cheese adding holiday flair and flavor.

The Uptown location is great for people watching at 2619 McKinney Avenue, Ste. 150, there is a location in Addison at 4300 Belt Line Rd., and according to their website, Plano diners will soon have a spot to visit and Dubai in case you visiting in 2018. 

Trust me, it is a lot to eat, for smaller appetites, you can order a single entree or simply dine from the Market Table. Prices range from $15 for the Market Table at lunch to $49.95 for the Full Churrasco Experience at dinner. For more information or to make reservations, visit

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