Inspirational Message: For Job’s Defense, Elihu Supported God’s Righteousness!


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The book of Job records his story of loss as he suffered crushing personal tragedies.  

The question “Why?” repeats throughout this book with unknown time for this Bible story.  Job refused to blame God for his misfortune and discomfort. 

In Job’s story, we definitely can learn to be cautious when speaking to others in trouble.  It may be wise to monitor what we say, considering that God hears it all!  No one could find a direction between what Job was experiencing and anything he had done.  We also usually will not be able to unravel the cause and answers to problems in our lives.

Like Job, we can be tempted to feel hopeless, but that is not God’s plan for us. We must  continue to trust Him even when we don’t feel like it! 

Living centuries before Jesus Christ, Job recognized he needed help.  He realized that with God we have wisdom and strength with counsel and understanding.  We discover, as Job did, that life can present unanswerable problems.  God does not promise answers; He promises Himself!  

Elihu, unheard and unseen, entered in the mode of silence with Job and his three friends.  Extended comments and advice from Elihu confronted the lack of true righteousness by Job. According to Elihu, God was being merciful in extending to Job an opportunity to pray and  to be delivered.  Like Job, if we are not sure how to acknowledge our continual need for  God’s grace and mercy, we may cause others to doubt the goodness of the Lord! 

In Job 32, his friends refused to answer him because he felt righteous in his own eyes.  Surely this was a wasted effort that justified himself rather than God.  Elihu continued to  defend God’s justice.  All of us must continue to call on His mercy.  Can we agree that any  and everything we say about God will fall short of who He really is to us?  In conclusion,  Elihu praised God’s goodness, power and that He despises no one.  As humans, we are not in a position to challenge God’s actions or decisions. 

We must remember to praise all that He has done and be overwhelmed by His majesty and continue to wholeheartedly praise Him!

Mrs. Gladys R. McElmore, a resident  of Norfolk’s Middle Town Arch Community, is a New  Journal and Guide Freelance Contributor on religion. She is a native of Essex County, Va.