EXCLUSIVE: Assane Diouf Political Prisoner Dakar Senegal

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I am writing in on behalf of my husband Assane Diouf. I am very concerned about his safety and Senegal. I am a hundred percent for sure that his life is definitely in danger at this point. I will explain what is happening.

My husband is a freedom fighter for his country Senegal he has been speaking out against the Injustice and expressing his political opinions and is now being punished and his life is threatened for doing so.
He was deported from the United States at the end of August this year the Senegalese government opposes him for his political opinion in regards to the government and issues that concern Senegal.
I am very concerned for his life for his safety and for the future of our family we hired a lawyer to try to Grant him political Asylum before he was deported from the United States of America however that did not happen. Since he has been in Senegal there have been death threats on his life his house was raided in Senegal. His family there in Senegal had to be removed from their place of dwelling due to these life-threatening circumstances.

Mame Mor Mbaye is the name of one the thugs who ran into his home. The guy who went on to post a video stating that he will not stop until he kills my husband. I am going to include that link in this email.

I have been reaching out to different lawyers I’ve spoken with a few people here at the embassy such as Sky Justice such as Marine Lance Comatoney. Forgive me if I spelled incorrectly. They both advised me to send this email.

I am going to return to Senegal myself within the next week to do whatever I could do possible to help my husband who is now being held as a political prisoner due to his outspokenness against the government. The last time I spoke with him he told me that they were not feeding him and also that he had not been able to bathe properly and that they were interrogating him profusely insinuating that someone is paying him to speak the way he does.

I am afraid that they will possibly begin to torture him he has not been able to call me but only one time since they have come to pick him up last Friday November 25th.

He should have never been deported from America in the first place under the circumstances when his life was in danger prior to him leaving America.

It is very easy to look him up online and also I can attach links and documents backing up everything that I am saying he has gained a great deal of popularity through his Facebook live shows with many followers that support him in all so many followers that do not support him.

I am reaching out as an American citizen and as a concerned wife willing to do whatever it takes to make sure he is safe. I am really scared of the possibility of what can happen to him. I am outraged and furious that is seems like no one is able to answer any questions for me nor find out what is going on with him in Senegal the police are holding him without any just cause.

If he is released where is he to go for safety that is my main issue and concern please let me know how we can rectify the situation I will be in Senegal within the next week or so I am just waiting to hear back to find out any possible solution to get as an American citizen married to a Senegalese man.

Thank You

Malika Ubaka