Dump Trump


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Hopefully, everyone has voted in the Primary Election that ended August 18, and elected the first African American female judge in Duval County as well as other representatives. Now gear up for the General Election to add your name in the annals of positive change in America and elect this nation’s first woman Vice President who also happens to be black.

There are no lines or long waits during Early Voting. Mask up and cast your vote as soon as you can! Early Voting for the General Election is from October 19-November 1, 2020. Please vote during this 14-day window at any of the 18 designated precincts or drop your mail ballot off at any early voting site in Duval County. For a list of these sites and hours of operation, call 904-630-1414 or go to www.duvalelections.com. There are 5 early voting sites throughout Nassau County, call 904-491-7500 for additional information. Please talk to family, friends, and loved ones, wear your I Voted sticker, let them know that you have voted and they too will follow you to the polls.

There is no excuse for any American citizen 18-years and older not voting. It is perfectly clear that the American Commander-in-Chief is unfortunately mentally challenged and is even getting worse. He is publicly being disrobed day by day before all the world to see. This dude is going down and taking the country with him.

It’s time to Dump Trump. Vote!!