‘Do you think Juneteenth should be a national holiday?’


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Doris Horne

Los Angeles

“It should have been a holiday years ago. Here we are still trying to make it happen. … We have to keep up the effort to make it happen because no one gives us anything.”

David Moore

Los Angeles

“Yes, because it makes [people] recognize what history was and what we had to go through, how we were freed as slaves and the freedom that we had as black men.”

Robert Primm

Los Angeles

“Yes.& It observes what is a very big day and it gives the country a chance to observe that day also. … Juneteenth is the celebration of the freedom of black people from slavery. It gives the world a chance to observe that celebration.”

Shannon Jackson

Los Angeles

They absolutely should make Juneteenth a national holiday because African Americans have been treated so poorly … in this country. It would be a high time for us to know that we are valid in our grievances and it would be a time to celebrate ourselves.

SaVerne Smith

Los Angeles

Yes and why not? Why shouldn’t we get it? We’ve already fought for it. We deserve it. We should have it.

Compiled by Cynthia Gibson on Slauson Avenue in southwest Los Angeles.

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