Do Evangelicals Support the Lying, Racist President?


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Joe C. Hopkins, Journal Publisher

Lebron James built a free public school in his home state of Ohio. Donald Trump is building cages for children from Mexico. Trump built a fake private university, but he got caught and had to pay $25 million in refunds and fines for defrauding adult students seeking an education. You would think that Christians would support the guy who is building schools. Instead, they are supporting the guy who is separating children from their parents and putting them in cages. “WOW” to him and “WOE” to Christians.

Some of the national media giants seem to support the President and are against athlete Lebron James, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, television commentator Don Lemon, and Congresswoman Frederica Wilson from Texas. All of these people are African Americans with celebrity status. Donald Trump continues his affirmative efforts to make inflammatory, insulting and defamatory statements about the intelligence of each of these individuals. Where are the Christians who jumped all over President Barack Obama for any statements they didn’t like or agree?

Maybe they agree with everything that Donald Trump says or does and joins with him in calling everything else a witch hunt or false news. Or, they may feel like Trump’s base, who really don’t care what Trump says or does because he’s “their guy,” whether he is right or wrong. If so, they seem to be saying it is OK to be racist and insulting to Black folks. Is that Jesus’ way or the world’s?

We know about the Evangelicals ignoring Trumps statements about sexually harassing women, grabbing them by the genitals, marrying multiple times, separating children from their parents, cursing at will, calling others insulting names like, “Crooked Hillary”, “Little Rocket Man” “Low IQ Congresswoman Maxine Waters”, and “Dumb television announcer, Don Lemon”. And yet, he has favorites like the following pastors and ministers: Darryl Scott, John Gray, Clarence Mclendon, Mark Burns, Hezekiah Walker, Oran Pullins, Clarence Langston, Reva Tims, and George Boomer, and others who met with the President by invitation recently, without what their motives were. They seem to be buffoons acting the fool. The double standard seems to be evident when we remember that Reverend Jeremiah Wright said one thing that Evangelicals seemed to object to and forced Barack Obama to reject him and his support. My son reminds me that the Bible says, “You will know them by the fruit they bear”, and in this case, the fruit is rotten.

Marchon Lynch, Steph Curry, Colin Kapernick, and now LeBron James all have been criticized by this President. The irony is that this most recent event happened when LeBron donated eight million dollars to build a school in the inner city to help young Black people. It is most interesting that Melania Trump has now jumped on the train with LeBron when she said that LeBron was doing a good thing for the future generation and she would like to visit the school he built. Previously, she jumped on the band wagon when it came to the birtherism claims by her husband related to Barack Obama’s citizenship. Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, recently disagreed when she objected to the separation of children at the border.

Football Hall of Famer Randy Moss recently wore a neck tie which had the names of young Black men who were the victims of police violence printed on it. This demonstration was to give recognition to those who died unnecessarily at the hands of police officers. Moss joined the group of Americans who are doing what they can when they have the national spotlight on them.

Jack Johnson and Muhammad Ali both went to prison to protest their treatment. They were later exonerated either by the courts or in the case of Jack Johnson a posthumus pardon by Trump. The brothers at the 1968 Olympics, John Carlos and Tommy Smith who held up their fists to protest discrimination during the 60s were also unofficially exonerated by the fact that winners today hold up their fi sts when they win their event.

I can only ask. Where are the Christians and Evangelicals are when it comes to the racist antics of Donald Trump? For those who allegedly see the world with Christian principles, where do you stand when it comes to Trump?