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As a man of God, I’ve often told people that I wasn’t going to ever die.  A lot of the people I’ve said this to, looked at me like I was crazy.  I explained to them that the God I serve and the people who serve my God would not die spiritually but they will transfer to another, better world (Heaven).

While believing totally in the afterlife with God, I know that God has plans for our lives, while we yet live on earth. So, in the meantime, I am asking everyone to seek the purpose that God has for their lives.  I truly know that every person with common sense has a purpose, while they are living their human life.  That does not mean that everyone has to just play a “role” just to feel like they are living their life with purpose, this  can be a very confusing way to live.  The pressure of being a role model or trying to play a role that is not natural to you is something that most people can’t do.

However, when people find their true purpose in life and go and pursue that purpose, it makes their situations “Great”.   I am convinced that especially in our African American communities and other American communities that are facing serious problems created by our nation’s history of mistreatment, people with positive purposes can and will make our current lives and the lives of our future generations substantially better.

A person’s purpose, in my mind, is probably the most natural attribute or talent that someone has.  The satisfaction that it brings you when you pursue and achieve your purpose is uplifting and you become a star, even to yourself.  This positive accomplishment is something that will never die or can be taken away from you by anyone.

Sadly to say, these days we have witnessed world famous entertainers / superstars killing themselves.  Most of the time because of their acquired status and the “big” money that comes with it, these famous superstars are often considered role models by the public, just because of the “role” they are playing. What seems to be missing is that they probably never had a “true” purpose that kept them wanting to keep on living.

No matter how insignificant people may think your positive purpose in life is, only you and God know that it has great importance. For instance, your purpose in life may be to feed the homeless, maybe to register or inspire people to vote, or maybe to help people in your communities get jobs.  Or it may be something as simple as teaching people to respect their neighbors or helping people repair their homes or vehicles. There are unlimited purposes that can be used to the betterment of others.  To name a few others, one may include discovering ways to help the youth and senior citizens or just speaking out against injustices and racism against one’s neighbors, or by attending your local city council meetings, or by talking and communicating with your state and national governmental elected officers. These are all wonderful purposes but I still believe that one of our greatest purposes should be our giving support for a true “role model” with a legitimate positive role.

When people have asked or questioned me about my civil rights activism, my freedom writing and fighting and my political media activities, my answer has been that it is part of “my purpose” that God has given me.  God has made me fearless as I serve my purpose and he will do the same thing for everyone who seeks the right path.   As we go forward in life, as a nation of God loving people, we must use everything we can to advance the progress of our purpose.   We can’t let anybody question or discourage our ability to serve our purpose in life!  God Bless America!

Written by Billy “Hollywood” Groves”