Depression Amongst Millennials: How can We Help?


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Among many of the well-known killers of our youth today in America and in Wisconsin alone, depression has to be one of the most silent. The scariest thing about depression is that even when someone is affected, it’s never necessarily detected just by personal appearance. In today’s society, there are several key factors as to what may lead to someone feeling down and out.

The Workplace

For some Millennials, the workplace can bring a sense of emotional distress due to the feeling of working strenuous hours or simply a negative interaction with a co-worker or customer.

Death of a Loved One

Death of a loved one can be one of the biggest benefactors to one’s emotional state. With death comes not only a severe level of grief, but also a sense of guilt due to maybe not being able to give one last goodbye or hug.


As the end of a semester draws near and the work begins to pile up, students begin to become stressed or depressed by lackluster grades or the feeling of having too much piled on at once. With that comes the pressures of an upcoming graduation or big projects that they feel they won’t be able to complete.

Repressed Anger/Sadness

Millennials may not know how to express emotions due to feeling a lack of trust, a feeling of embarrassment, or simply not knowing how to reveal said emotions to someone else. Thus, instead of allowing for feelings of anger or grief to be released, things are often kept bottled up.


A divorce or separation from a loved one can often lead to depression due to feelings of loneliness and guilt. These feelings can be exhibited by kids and adults alike.


As people, we tend to not really understand what’s going on with someone due to having our own situations going on. It’s not that we are purposely ignoring our loved ones but we tend to get caught up in our own issues. However, one call could be just the key to alleviating someone’s mental state. Check up on your loved ones. Give a hug when needed. Tell your family members you loved them consistently and never underestimate a smile for happiness. Depression is a serious manner that should not be taken lightly.

If you feel as though your help may not be effective, try giving them a number that could be just as much help, the number to suicide awareness.


Written By: Quardeay Julien