Cory Hardrict is Walking into his Destiny


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Article courtesy of Aja Chestine

In a recent interview with Destined star Cory Hardrict, he revealed two sides of himself personally and professionally.
He opened up about his trials and triumphs in the hectic, but fulfilling world of entertainment. Hardrict became extremely vulnerable while discussing his family life; with beautiful and talented wife Tia- Mowry-Hardrict. Since the late 90’s, he has continually constructed a quality body of work. He is most recognized for roles in American Sniper, Spectral, Brotherly Love and All Eyes on Me.
Last month, Hardrict paid a visit to the 2017 Milwaukee Film Festival. His film Destined was featured in the Black Lens Series. He stated“ It is very important to support the smaller festivals, I understand these are the people who support my work”.
The indie film directed by Qasim Basir, took central stage at the festival, selling out multiple shows as a crowd favorite. After each show, he stayed to answer questions and take pictures with his fans. “You can always receive that special kind of love in the Midwest”.
Hardrict impressed movie goers with his portrayal of both leading characters; Rasheed and Sheed. The film analyzes the concept of the destiny of Rasheed, with one simple choice that leads him down two different roads.
Rasheed, who becomes a successful architect, is forced to choose between upward mobility in his professional career or becoming an community advocate for his former neighborhood who helped raised him.
On the other hand, Sheed develops into a high-power drug dealer that begins to wrestle with his life decisions full of violence, drugs and death.
Hardrict said “he researched architects for the Rasheed character, but infused parts of his own personality to make him believable. He added “Sheed was natural. It appears that bad boy characters always find me and I play them so well”.
This highly anticipated film will be released this Friday, November 17th which also stars Hill Harper, Jesse Metcalfe and La La Anthony. Hardrict says “It is important to support films like this, so indie movies are seen on the big screen. When asked what can improved diversity in Hollywood, he replies “We can not just be the main characters in front of the screen, but true diversity starts with more directors, writers and producers of color and gender behind the scenes.”
“The obstacle I deal with the most, is the lack of roles for someone who looks like me. From my perspective that is the top thing that has to change”!
Hardrict a Chicago native, discovered his love for acting on the set of Oprah Winfrey’s film There are No Children Here. His late mother took him and his brother to an open casting call, where they stood in line with thousands of other children. He landed a very small part, only one line.
It was that experience where he was bit by the acting bug. He remembers seeing Ms. Winfrey from a distance and states jokingly “it felt like she was Jesus. It was an amazing moment. Just seeing her motivated me and I knew I had found my purpose.”
He continued, “My mom passed a couple years later, she unable to see the seed she planted in me grow and blossom. Still to this day she remains my soul inspiring force”.
Sticking with topics that pull at Hardrict heart strings, we began discussing his family unit. For the past two decades, he has been best friends with his wife actress Tia Mowry-Hardrict.
Most known for her roles on (The Game) and (Sister Sister) with twin sister Tamara Mowry-Housley. Hardrict credits his wife for building his confidence, keeping him focus and supporting him at all cost.
“She is truly my everything and I could not imagine my life without her”. The couple has one son (Cree), but recently announced baby number two on the way. Hardrict shared “A baby is a gift from God and I can not wait for my bundle of joy to arrive”! Hardrict had a full circle moment, when the couple was featured on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN  Black Love Series. He says “we work together to keep a positive environment for our love to continue to grow”.
Heading into 2018, Hardrict is ready to make a splash on television and at the box office. He just finished shooting his new T.V drama (The Oath) produced by 50 cent on his G-Unit Film & Television Company. Hardrict has passed on other television series over the years, but this project was the perfect fit.
“I am only interested in making quality work for the world to enjoy. Hardrict also co-stars with Academy Award winning actor Nicolas Cage in the action packed movie 211 in early Spring. At the present moment, Hardrict is ready to become a household name across the globe. He humbly says “I have so much more to offer and accomplish. I want to be an example for younger actors, the same way the phenomenal Wesley Snipes and Academy Award winning acting God Denzel Washington were for me.