Consent and Victim Blaming: Is Ginuwine Transphobic?


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Consent and Victim Blaming: Is Ginuwine Transphobic?


R&B singer and actor Ginuwine stirred some controversy and started an intense debate on Twitter after he stopped sexual advances of a transwoman on the hit TV series “Celebrity Big Brother UK.” During the recent episode of the hit show, Ginuwine was asked if he would date a transwoman by fellow housemate India Willoughby. Willoughby asked the R&B star if he would date her and Ginuwine’s response was “not if you were trans”.

After the exchange of words, Willoughby made sexual advances on Ginuwine and tried to kiss him, but he rejected the advances. After being rejected, Willoughby stormed off the set.

Once the clip circulated on social media, many accused Ginuwine of being transphobic for his decision to not kiss a transwoman. As the conversation grew and the story of the whole ordeal came out, many, including transgender activist Kat Blaque, came to Ginuwine’s defense stating that what he experiences was, in fact, sexual harassment and victim blaming.

Was this truly an example of transphobia, or is Ginuwine being shown in a bad light? Check out the clip and comment below.