Companies are Going Big on Tiny Houses in Singapore

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Coming up with the right housing plan can be difficult in overcrowded cities. This is because there is insufficient space to cater for the growing  number of city dwellers. Population in most cities rises daily . This is mostly as a result of those coming to the city looking for jobs. Most local or city governments have established new housing plans that will help cater for the increasing population.

Tiny houses are becoming more and more common in most cities. These  houses are the same size of your regular master bedroom, and so they are cheaper than the average house. Many people started building them on their own, customizing them in  a style to suits them and their friends.

Some companies have also begun to construct these type of houses, including firms based in Singapore. . Some of the homes are mobile and environmentally friendly. Big Tiny, a company based in Singapore, is exporting these houses to picturesque places in Australia at fairly reasonable rates.

You can  visit Singapore and have a look at some of the structures to get  a better idea of . Traveling to Singapore is not difficult; all you need to do is visit their immigration offices and apply for a visa according to  your type of travel.

Those going for a long-term  stay and employment will need  a different type of pass from those wanting to travel . The business visa is the type you’re most likely to need . You should note that to qualify for a business visa for Singapore, you should have a passport which is valid for at least six months upon entry, as well as  a return air ticket. Once in the country, you will get the chance to see some of the tiny, eco-friendly houses. Living in such homes can be beneficial in several ways, some of which include:

Cost Friendly

One good thing about living in these smaller houses  is that they are much cheaper compared to ‘normal houses.’ You  spend less on rent or purchase . With a bigger house, you may struggle to pay the monthly rent. Some of these small houses  cost half of what you’d expect to spend on a regular-sized house. If you are living alone and want to downsize to a simpler, more  affordable home, then tiny houses are the way to go.

Easy Movement

Tiny houses usually have wheels, meaning  you can move across the country easily. All you need to do is attach it to your car and drive. This will save you the stress of booking a hotel room during your travels. You do not need to worry about electricity because you can attach or link up to a solar panel.

Simple Living

There’s also no need to worry about some of the more expensive aspects of house ownership . There is no space for a bathtub or even a Jacuzzi in this type of house. You will live a simple and more economical lifestyle As such, this will give you the opportunity to further save and invest.