College Student Shares Information On Domestic Violence


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By: Daniel Shaw

Teen dating violence and domestic violence is an epidemic that effects the African American community. Domestic violence has a great effect to on so many people don’t see the warning signs before they realize how domestic violence is effecting their relationships with family, friends, their children and even the way they view themselves. According to previous research, many groups ultimately agreed that the “one-size-fits-all” approach to domestic violence services being provided in mainstream communities would not suffice for African Americans, who disproportionately experience stressors that can create conditions that lead to violence in the home.

College Student (Nina Ciotola) Shares How Domestic Violence Affects Young People's Lives.

College Student (Nina Ciotola) Shares How Domestic Violence Affects Young People’s Lives.

Nina Ciotola, an Estrella Mountain Community College student in Avondale, recently gave a moving speech on how domestic violence has affected her life and the life of her family. In her presentation, Nina shared how her past relationship had led her to receive help from a domestic violence center and she also explained how the center helped her and her family through a difficult time. Any individuals do not see the dangers of these relationship and Ciotola continued to emphasize how many African Americans do not see the warning signs and how getting help from domestic violence centers early will not only improve the safety of yourself but also of your loved ones.

There are many organizations in the state of Arizona and many organizations that are nationally attempting to relieve and lower the rates of African Americans who are affected by the international epidemic of domestic violence. If you are interested in watching this exceptional speaker visit For more information on this great speaker and how domestic violence affects the African American community , please contact Daniel Shaw at