Children Having Babies


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One of life’s most heart wrenching and frustrating sights for me, is when I see young
teenage girls pregnant, or caring for infant children they themselves have birthed. Too
often I have witnessed the frustrations and sometimes anger displayed by pre-mature
moms. Too much I have seen their lack of hope and inner disappointments carried out on
their completely innocent children.
It makes me wonder, what is her mindset? What are her inner emotions, what is her hope
and what does the future hold for them, both mother and child?
She more than likely does not fully understand or comprehend the tremendous
responsibility and accountability for that innocent child she carries or cares for. And how
could she? She is only a child herself. She maybe herself is living with parents or
relatives. Depending on her age and situation, there may be programs to help feed and
house them and provide some medical care
But the issue and reality is far deeper than that. For when children themselves have
children, a completely innocent life and living soul is brought into this world, without
request. No child comes into this world wanting a single parent home, not knowing who
his or her father is. No kid wants to see their father only at Christmas maybe with a gift.
Children come into this world clueless and unaware and deserve more. Kids need to be
brought up in caring homes and want the kind of loving relationships and mature
mentoring that comes with dual responsible parenting.
So how do we as a country, as a society of “western culture” address or try to remedy this
problem? My first inclination is “God only knows”. But is that me being cowardly? Do
I view it as hopeless? No, I think not.
Part of the answer, I feel, lies in ones self worth and self values. Our young girls, at an
early age, have to know and understand that they are more than sex objects. They have to
be taught and learn that their greatest asset is not between their legs. Then they
themselves must commit to restraints and self-controls. Realize and understand the
value of just saying no. Stop using what they possess bodily as a means of enticement and
attraction. It must be instilled within themselves self pride and respect, and then become
determinates of their own futures
Look and “see far”. Know and realize the consequences that come with the choices they
I write this not pointing a finger at the female gender only. But I believe that is where it
starts. For how will a boy, soon to be man, begin to respect a female if she does not first
respect herself and display self control of herself. We have all seen the Maury and Dr Phil type of shows where a young female is trying to prove fatherhood. Then heaven

forbid, she is wrong, the audience goes wild and the mistaken mother runs off the stage

crying and embarrassed. This may be good entertainment I suppose but what does that say for the female and more important, our society.

A change of direction in these conditions, situations and occurrences is possible, and is

very much needed and necessary. Not only for we who live in the society of today, but

more importantly for the betterment of the future generations that are to come

Written by: Johnny Johnson