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by Editor Admin - 1 week ago

Hollywood bubbles back to business

As the months of the coronavirus pandemic drag on and uncertainty in our lives abounds, we all need something to look forward to. And much like how movies and television have helped us pass the time, thinking about fresh content to consume may also o...

by Editor Admin - 1 week ago

Selecting the Right Woman for Vice President

By Dr. John E. Warren, Publisher The Vice Presidency cannot be the result of a popularity contest. It cannot be based on personal press coverage, speeches, campaign rhetoric and who we like. This person must be prepared to become President of the Uni...

by Editor Admin - 1 week ago

WENDY’S WINDOW: The Silver Lining of Tragedy

Sometimes, good things can come out of life’s most tragic events. We are experiencing trying times that are making all of us rethink how we operate and how we carry out our daily lives. The fallout of COVID-19 has touched both our personal and profes...