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Southwest / Texas - 1 year ago

Criminal for US, Justice for Them!

Sharing is caring! By: Roy Douglas Malonson, Publisher of African-American News & Issues & Author of column series We MUST UnderstandI was reminded of a thought that I have presented to our readers on many occasions, as I pondered on the r...

Southwest / Texas - 1 year ago

Gun Control, Mental Illness, or Terrorism?

Sharing is caring! By: Chelsea Davis-Bibb, M.Ed.It is very saddening what happened in Sutherland Springs, Texas as one man killed many innocent women, men, and children. We all have to die one day, but for people to lose their life over nonsense i...

Southwest / Texas - 1 year ago

Leading through Serving

Sharing is caring! HOUSTON – “What I’ve tried to do is, be a good servant to the people – that for me has come in the form of being a part of an organization, the National Black United Front (NBUF).” These words of humility were rendered by Chairm...