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Southeast / Louisiana - 11 months ago

Kansas Citians Vote For Progress

By Eric L. Wesson Sr. CALL Staff Writer Kansas City voters overwhelmingly decided to tear down Terminal A and build a new single terminal at Kansas City International airport. The special election generated strong regional interest and about 75 per...

Southeast / Louisiana - 11 months ago

Blacks From The Civil War To Today

By Eric L. Wesson Sr. CALL Staff Writer History tells us that black soldiers played a significant role in the military once they were allowed to enlist, but do we understand and realize the significance in their role? When the Civil War broke out, t...

Southeast / Florida - 1 year ago

Who Will Support Corrine On November 16? You!

Corrine Brown and daughter Shantrell Brown By Opio Sokoni On the morning of November 16 at 10 o’clock, Corrine Brown will be sentenced at the Federal Court Building (300 N. Hogan Street). Brown served with distinction in the U.S. House of Repres...