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Southeast / Tennessee - 11 months ago

How will the government shutdown affect YOU?

If the White House and Congress do not get their act together, and if the Senate does not have enough votes to pass a spending bill, expect a government shutdown. Many people will be impacted, and as is the case with these things, the most vulnera...

Southeast / Tennessee - 11 months ago

Rev. Earle Fisher: Where have we gone from there?

Demonstrators with the Fight for $15 movement protest outside a Memphis McDonald’s restaurant in 2017. (Photo: Andrea Morales) Share this: Rev. Earle J. Rev. Earle J. Fisher, Special to the New Tri-State Defender Dr. Martin Luther Kin...

Southeast / Tennessee - 11 months ago

Ask Alma: Should I Let My Ex See Our Daughter?

Alma Gill Share this: By Alma Gill (NNPA Newswire Columnist) Dear Alma: I had a baby in my twenties when I was dealing with this guy, who was in the military, stationed close to where I live. I thought that we would get married and live happily...