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Southeast / Florida - 2 weeks ago

More ways to take our power back

During the years between 1900 to 1930, we entered what historian Juliette Walker called the “Golden age of Black business” — the number Black-owned businesses doubled from 20,000 in 1900 and 40,000 in 1914. Segregation forced Black customers to spend...

Southeast / Florida - 2 weeks ago

Hardin: Finding and Sharing Your Gift

I truly believe each one of us was born with a purpose or a gift that is intended to make this world a little better during the brief time we’re here. Some of us understand our purpose and work to make it a reality while others resist that purpose an...

Southeast / Florida - 2 weeks ago

No studies; we need action

While listening to the Republican presentation of its so called Justice Act, I was disappointed. It was my hope their bill would come close to an acceptable resolution. One of the first things I heard from Senator Tim Scott, the only Black Republican...