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Northeast / New York - 9 months ago

The Business of Weed [Infographic]

The legal cannabis market is expected to explode into a $24.1 billion market in less than 10 years. Recently, Vermont legalized recreational marijuana use and experts say more states are to follow. This infographic, “The Business of Cannabis,” produ...

Northeast / New York - 9 months ago

The Money Behind Winning a Grammy

Many have wondered if artists get paid for performing at the Grammy’s or if they take home extra cash after winning an award. Black Enterprise did a little digging  to find the answers. Turns out that the Beyonces and Rihannas of the world who cash...

Northeast / New York - 9 months ago

How to Convince High Profile People to Mentor You

Paul Brunson is an entrepreneur who has been co-signed by Oprah, mentored Ed Neff, and the list goes on. He has some key advice on how to land high-profile individuals as mentors. Become Mentee Material It’s time for some self-reflection. He asks, a...