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Northeast / Washington DC - 1 week ago

OKC Hammers Wizards, Spoils Howard Debut

In his first game sporting a red, white and blue Washington Wizards uniform, Dwight Howard scored 13 points in the first quarter. Although he finished with 19 points at halftime, the Oklahoma City Thunder cruised to 79 points in the first half. The...

Northeast / Washington DC - 3 weeks ago

Wizards Lose Cool, Game to Raptors

With the Washington Wizards down by 10 points to the Toronto Raptors with seven minutes left in the fourth quarter, John Wall drove to the basket, but fell and lost the ball out of bounds. Then all hell broke loose. Bradley Beal, who thought Wall w...

Northeast / Washington DC - 3 weeks ago

Rihanna Says No to Super Bowl Halftime Invite

When the National Football League invited Rihanna to perform at the upcoming Super Bowl, the nine-time Grammy winner and business mogul took a knee. Reportedly, the pop princess not only said, “No,” but her words were more like, “Hell no.” Rihanna...