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Midwest / Michigan - 2 months ago

LeBron James takes his act to Hollywood

LeBron James did not hold an hour special on ESPN to announce his next NBA team, nor did he write a heartfelt letter to his new fan base. He said he wanted to get his free agency over with immediately and he did, agreeing to a four-year $153.3 mi...

Midwest / Michigan - 2 months ago

T.I. talks with Maria Caver on Ant Man and the Wasp

I walked into Ant Man and The Wasp screening extremely excited! Not just because I figured maybe It would answer all of the lingering questions that millions of Marvel fans STILL have from infinity wars, and I hate to be a spoiler. It DOESN’T. But b...

Midwest / Michigan - 3 months ago

Thank you Detroit: Pickard picks Detroit … again

Accomplished African American business owners are expected to reach back and help right the ship for aspiring entrepreneurs working in their wake. Millionaire business magnates are expected to put into motion a myriad of measures to motivate the wor...