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Midwest / Michigan - 1 year ago

RIP: Rita Owens, Queen Latifah’s Mother Has Passed

Source: C Flanigan / Getty According to reports, Queen Latifah’s mother Rita Owens has passed from a heart condition. Latifah celebrated her birthday just three days ago. She said of her late mother, “Her battle is over now,” and “She was the l...

Midwest / Michigan - 1 year ago


STATEMENT FROM RACER TRUST REGARDING BUICK CITY PROPERTY IN FLINT, MICH. Action Tuesday by the Michigan Strategic Fund may create for some the impression that the former Buick City property in Flint, Mich., will be redeveloped as Buick City Industri...

Midwest / Michigan - 1 year ago

Detroit Sip serves coffee, pours hope

Jevona Watson pleads guilty of doing what most people do in their neighborhoods. “As a resident, I too have been guilty of minding my own business to the detriment of the community,” says Watson, an attorney, who decided to do something to improv...