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Midwest / Illinois - 3 weeks ago

How Fallout 76 Can Help Us Rebuild West Virginia

In the post-apocalyptic video game, millions of players will imagine an Appalachia reborn from the ashes. Through the game, people exiled from the region by economic hardship, rural isolation or environmental destruction will be able to return home....

Midwest / Illinois - 3 weeks ago

Why Did We Run an Anti-Abortion Piece in 1979?

A look back at the historical context and where we went wrong. In February 1979, In These Times published the debate, “Pro and Con: Does free abortion hurt the poor and minorities?” The then-newspaper was flooded with letters to the editor from a who...

Midwest / Illinois - 3 weeks ago

How to Prepare for a Post-Roe America

Since 9/11, billions of dollars have been spent on sniffing out “Islamist” terrorism, while for decades multiple presidential administrations—both Republican and Democrat—have largely neglected the white supremacist and anti-abortion movements, allo...