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Midwest / Illinois - 1 year ago

Barbara Lee’s War on War

To be sure, Lee is not popularly identified with Sanders or the anti-establishment Left. She often appears with Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, and she bucked fellow Progressive Caucus leaders Keith Ellison and Raul Grijalva by staying neutral in th...

Midwest / Illinois - 1 year ago

A Day In The Life of a NFL Prospect

I don’t know if people realize this but HBCU’s produce great NFL players. From Shannon Sharpe at Savannah State and Michael Strahan at Texas Southern to Walter Payton at Jackson State and Jerry Rice and Mississippi Valley, HBCU’s nurture athletic...

Midwest / Illinois - 1 year ago

Nationalize the Fossil Fuel Industry

For a big problem, we need big solutions. We need systemic solutions that address this dynamic of profit and control head-on and rapidly phase out fossil fuel production. We are sitting on a time bomb: more than 500 gigatons of carbon dioxide in th...