Born to Win


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Have you ever been in a place where you just didn’t understand why things didn’t work out the way you planned? Have you ever sat and thought to yourself, what’s the point— feeling like you were in a place, working so hard but accomplishing nothing?

Well the truth of the matter is, we have all been there. Anyone who has ever tried has failed at least once. Even successful people have failed many times and found themselves in dark places. Successful people practice principles that take them where they want be and once of the most important principles to practice is trying again.

Just because something didn’t work out the way you expected it to doesn’t mean it’s over. It doesn’t mean it was for nothing. It doesn’t mean you didn’t progress. Sometimes failing is simply another opportunity for you to try to succeed. Sometimes your failure was just a lesson that’s designed to give you knowledge as you move forward again. Yes, it sounds cliche. But what’s important is that it’s true.

But what happens when you begin to see your failures in a different light? What if you stopped calling your failures “failures” and instead began to call them “opportunities”? What if you began to look at your problems as “challenges” or “obstacles” instead?

How we choose live is a direct reflection of how we think. Therefore, how we view our life is the architecture of our future outcomes. Knowing this allows us to begin to rethink. Rethinking involves relearning and learning new things helps us to improve our lifestyles.

I say this to say this. Each and everyone of us will go through things in life. It’s a fact that life is hard. But it’s refreshing to know that each day is another opportunity to become greater. Picking up the pieces and trying to put the pieces back to the puzzle can be extremely challenging but it’s all worth is in the end.

Becoming successful in your personal life journey is the ultimate goal and it takes a lot of work but it starts in the mind. Discipline is everything and being able to control your thoughts is key. Consistency is what drives you to your destination. Through your continued actions you will find success.

So the next time you feel like something’s not working, try again. Learn from your mistakes and try something new. If that doesn’t work assess your strategy and try again and again. There’s been many studies that state that it takes about ten years of hard work and dedication to become an overnight success. This means it’s not over yet and it is possible. As long as you stay working, something has to give.

After all, you were born to win!