Black Women in Power


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The Overflow

By Chelsea Davis-Bibb, M.Ed.

Black Women in Power 

We have all heard of the “glass ceiling” and how women have been impacted by this invisible barrier for years. This “glass ceiling’ has not only impacted just women in general, but Black women have had their own share of “glass ceilings” to break through.

In today’s society, women have made a lot of progress in the working world, but there are still some barriers that have to be broken. We witnessed a lot of it during the time that former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, put up a strong fight against President Trump.

Despite of her loss, I believe that she paved a way for women to follow. She gave women a new kind of strength and hope, and assured the world that women are more than just homemakers.

In spite of the strides that Clinton made, it is still hard for many Black women to progress in this society. There are so many barriers that we still must cross until we can finally say “we made it.” Black women have to be careful in how we dress, talk, think, act, and even how we wear our hair. All of these factors are considered when applying and interviewing for jobs, or even just living in this society.

In recent news, a group of women in South Fulton, Georgia has had many people talking about them. This city’s judicial system is ran by all Black women. When I heard about this story, I had to immediately research it because I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

When I pulled up the story, I was taken aback because the image of these women spoke volumes and was so powerful to witness. I was moved and I was inspired. I was also encouraged to continue my own journey to being a strong Black woman in power.

We need more Black women in these type of positions. We need more Black women in high positions period. In order for this to happen, there are some things that Black women need to do and understand.

First, we have to educate ourselves. Getting an education is one thing that can’t be taken from you and can help you grow and progress professionally and financially. School is one way to educate yourself, but it is not the only way. You can read different books and network with other people who is informed on what you’re trying to do. Secondly, we have to stop tearing each other down.

Don’t be jealous of another women because she is doing great things, and don’t look down on a woman who may be struggling. I never could understand why people get so envious of others’ success. What God has for you, is for you. We have to help each other and lift one another up.

At the end of the day, no matter where you stand, we are all the same, fighting the same battle. So why fight against each other? What will that really accomplish?

Black women must also be confident. There is nothing more beautiful than a confident, and strong Black woman. Be bold and take risks, but be confident in all that you do.

When you believe in yourself, you can reach greater heights that may have seemed impossible before. Lastly, always remain humble. If you stay humble in all that you do, I believe that you will reach even greater heights.

I encourage not only Black women, but women in general to continue to be a role model to our youth. Our young women need us to teach and nurture them. To show them how to be young ladies in this world. We need to also teach them to love and to help support others and not just be about themselves.

Our young women are watching us, and if we can’t get it together, then what does that mean for our future? Remember, as a woman, you are strong, and you are beautiful.