A. D. Jenkins, NDG Columnist: A Penny For Your Thoughts


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A.D. Jenkins, NDG Columnist

By A.D. Jenkins, NDG Columnist

I have this habit of picking up pennies since I was a child. I was born and raised in Waterproof, Lousiana and money was hard to come by; therefore, every penny counted. As I was picking up yet another penny in a parking lot the other day, my mind reflected on a few mind-penetrating thoughts.

  • What would it take for you to pause and pick up something of value to you or worth your time?
  • Would you pick up a penny if you see it on the ground?
  • Would you pick up a nickel while walking in the park?
  • What about a dime? Does it make sense to stop and pick it up?
  • How about a quarter? I mean it’s 1/4 of a dollar we are talking about now.
  • Let’s think about a lifeless $1 bill laying on the sidewalk.

Please note, I’m not talking about stealing or illegally taking money if you know it is for someone else. This is merely a mental exercise to evaluate the value of funds it takes to cause you to stop and pick it up. Pennies are undeniable the least of money being picked up because of its value followed by nickels, dimes, quarters, etc.

My philosophy is this, five pennies is a nickel, five nickels is a quarter, 10 dimes is a $1 and four quarters equal $1. In the bigger picture, it all counts, it all has value and it all matters cumulatively speaking. This is not a debate to say my concept is correct with no regards to your opinion. The goal is to take the same coin and equate it to a problem you see daily and walk by it without giving it a second thought.

  • How many pennies will you pass up before you decide to help someone in need?
  • How many nickels will you walk by before you volunteer at a homeless shelter?
  • How many dimes will you step over before you speak up for a family with no voice?
  • How many quarters will you overlook before you realize you must do something now?
  • Lastly, how many $1 bills will you disregard before you wake up and say, “I must vote!”

To someone, every penny counts because it becomes a nickel issue which escalates to a dime situation followed by a quarter problem then upgrades to a $1 bill disaster.

In summary, let’s take a moment to pay it forward and pick it up even if it’s not your immediate concern. Whether it is money or practical problems we are referring to, I dare you to be cognizant to reflect on things perhaps of little value to you but mean the world to a complete stranger. The next time you see a coin on the ground, think about how you can become part of the solution.

Remember, it all counts and carries value to someone.

A.D. Jenkins serves as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Irving Independent School District. The views and opinions expressed herein of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the Irving ISD, its Board of Trustees or its employees.

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