A Call to Mobilize


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The Sunshine State has a supreme opportunity to elect its First Black Governor in the state’s history. Andrew Gillum won the Primary in August and now is poised for a two way race in the General Election in November.

We need to mobilize. Now is the time for Senator Audrey Gibson, State Representative Tracy Davis, Council Member Garrett Dennis, Chris Hand and all others who supported Gwen Graham, in the Primary to support Andrew Gillum’s bid in the General Election to become the First Black Governor of Florida.

This is a call to mobilize. All of us who want and desire Andrew Gillum as our First Black Governor must mobilize our united efforts and support to make this Historic Election a reality. Just saying we want Andrew Gillum to become our First Black Governor is not enough? We all must do our part by: Voting, Volunteering, Vocalization, Giving Rides to Voting Booths, Becoming a Poll Watcher / Protector, Distribute Door Knockers & Flyers. Think outside the box, make phone calls, tweet, text and email. Get busy. We need to mobilize all our efforts and support now to make Andrew Gillum our First Black Governor of Florida.

— Dr. Juan P. Gray,
Very Concerned Citizen