Buyer Beware: Decide Before You Buy

Michelle Alexander In today’s times, many are motivated by a desire for instant gratification and social acceptance; however, we pay for that fulfillment at the expense of our financial futures...

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I Love Vacations

July 18, 2018Estate Planning 101 By Attorney Marlene S. Cooper Marlene S. Cooper I really cherish and look forward to vacations. Whether it’s a quick day trip or an extended journey, I always try to forget about the work awaiting my return. When the time to return home inevitably rolls around, I...

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JPMorgan Chase expands Entrepreneurs of Color Fund

Building on the success of the Entrepreneurs of Color Fund in Detroit, JPMorgan Chase today announced an expansion of the fund’s model to support minority entrepreneurs in Chicago’s South and West Sides. This investment includes $4 million from JPMorgan Chase to provide minority entrepreneurs with...

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What about us? A letter from America’s children

She’Nyah O’Flynn, 12, from Detroit, Michigan, was murdered while she was visiting family in Chicago. Photo courtesy of Sun Times Media. Dear U.S. Media, Democrats, Republicans, Independents and to the concerned Americans who poured out into the streets to protest Donald Trump’s cruel and faul...

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Only Massive Voting Can Save Us

Nothing left to say about President Trump. Even though I loathe the man, his surrender to Russian President Vladimir Putin, in his best “Yassa Massa” way, still hurts. We have an emotionally unstable, frightened and traitorous man as President of the United States, and he will be kept in power by...

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